With net zero the ultimate target, how can the industry work together to usher in a sustainable future?

We are excited to launch BioPhorum Sustainability.

As the 26th UN Climate Change conference takes place in Glasgow, what part is BioPhorum playing to help the industry achieve its net zero targets?

Until now it has been difficult to establish a clear direction for the industry across the sustainability agenda. Though there are several collaborations tackling aspects of sustainability, these tend to represent a microcosm of the industry – either the manufacturer’s perspective or the supplier’s perspective and can often be focused on discrete challenges. BioPhorum members understand that to realize sustainability objectives fully, individual biopharmaceutical businesses must connect along the value chain, but with no common language to start the discussion that can be challenging. For example, if there is no industry standard definition of what constitutes biohazardous waste, how can it start to decide what is safe to be recycled?

To move forwards, manufacturers and suppliers need to develop a common language and a roadmap to design, deliver and embed change. They must share their vision for a sustainable biologics industry and collaborate to develop science-based targets that will chart the industry’s progress. Without science-based targets, system feedback on progress will be hard to track, accountability for action may be obscured and opportunities to engage our industry’s talented personnel, engineers, and scientists to design the best solutions, may be missed.

In 2021, BioPhorum ran two successful events, bringing manufacturers and suppliers together on sustainability issues. Members discussed critical challenges and identified opportunities to advance the industry’s progress against several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals looking at; energy, water, social responsibility, and bioethics plastic, and the responsible deployment of single-use technology. Now, with workstreams identified to build the benchmarks, the toolkits, and identify the enabling technology to meet these challenges we are proud to announce the launch of BioPhorum Sustainability .  

Nurturing a drive and passion for delivering sustainable solutions into every role will be critical to the industry’s success. Working across phorums, BioPhorum Sustainability members will pursue the agenda to ensure sustainability is at the center of all that we do and that the learning and tools can be applied across every manufacturer and supplier’s business. With more than 30 companies already working towards industry transformation to deliver a sustainable future through BioPhorum Sustainability, would you like to be involved in this exciting and essential new venture? Please contact nicola.coles@biophorum.com for details on how to join the conversation.

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